We know that you are an expert. Your combination of experience and education has brought you most of the way to where you want to go: and there’s a missing piece. You know what you know, and the people in your life recognize and celebrate your accomplishments … and you don’t know how to get the exposure or support for your ideas online, or with a wider audience. You are an expert, but you’re not recognized as an authority.

Jen Baptist, the Creative Director of Just Jenuine Creations will mentor you in an online Mastermind Framework – with a group of committed colleagues, you will work together, making facilitated contributions to each other, going further than you ever could on your own.

You will gain mastery in connecting intentionally online with those who are where you want to be, creating them as allies and conduits for mutual benefit. She will walk you through the steps to form intentional communities that will provide a forum to build your authority and contribute to a larger audience.

Within 8-12 months, working at an average of 10-15 hours per week, you will … walk through our exclusive steps to intentionally create your brand; craft an Online Marketing Strategy Plan; design your mobile-responsive WordPress blog/website with the aid of an extensive manual and a complete library of video tutorials or be mentored on leading your consultant to fulfill your vision; maximize all of your social media channels by becoming an authentic expression of your brand; gain aptitude in the major social media platforms, learn the tricks and powerful practices for creating content that is craved by your followers; and start, maintain, and expand an email list of genuine connections.

You will gain mastery in connecting intentionally online with those who are where you want to be, creating them as allies and conduits for mutual benefit. We will help you to create intentional communities and/or participate in existing conversations that will expand your authority. This mentorship will provide the opportunity for you to collaborate with others in your demographic to establish and expand your authority, so the connections and resources that you need will come to you!

Mastermind mentorships are similar to a symposium, completed online and over a greater period of time. The Master Mentor broadcasts a live training module (bringing in experts as much as possible), posts a written summary, with LOTS of bonus materials, gives an assignment, and hosts a hands on deep-dive session in alternating weeks.

You will be placed within a carefully selected Mastermind Group (4-6 people), weighted heavily by vocation and availability to be online throughout the week or you can register a group of your creation. The Mastermind Groups will meet at a regularly scheduled time each week to support one another in mastering the trainings and offer a level of accountability to keep you in action. Assignments are submitted into the entire community, for feedback and contribution, which will include members from several Mastermind Groups, past and present, and are an invaluable tool for learning.

There are Mentors assigned to each Mastermind Group that track the progress of the participants, relay areas in need of further mentoring to the Master Mentor and/or Mentors with the applicable expertise, and provide a level of support to empower participants to succeed. Ongoingly the Mentors will answer questions within the community, occasionally in short snippet videos with step-by-step instructions, and the participants are encouraged to work organically together online to mastermind solutions.

Your membership in the private community will live on beyond your mentorship, maintaining your connection to ongoing resources (the mentorship will be held multiple times a year), keep your authority alive, and provide a never-ending supply of innovative colleagues who will enrich the learning materials with their expertise and each of you will develop faster and further than possible anywhere else!

Unlike online courses of comparable material you watch/read solo, that you may invest 1,000s of dollars into and never finish … within the Mastermind Framework, in addition to the learning materials, you have the wealth of knowledge and contribution of fellow participants to tap into, a group of people pulling for your greatness, connections with others that can propel you forward, and a supportive environment of accountability. All of the priceless aspects for success, the ones that are nearly unobtainable in today’s online marketplace, are delivered within Mastermind Mentorships.




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