Is your business tired of chasing the pot-of-gold at the end of the nebulous social media rainbow? Are you wise enough to know inauthentic marketing fails to produce the foundation for a successful client relationship? So many of us who live and work online react to the shallowness and inauthenticity of searching for customers, of making sales pitches … of sharing our lunches on Instagram to get ANYONE to Like Us. We are not authentic to our business’ purpose, and we aren’t sharing to provide value.

Using an innovative Mastermind Framework, Just Jenuine Creations will have you, and your business, create yourself online – in a way that is positively received and draws people in. By leveraging the power of social media we can help you to create your authority, voice, and brand in a way that lands – for potential customers, for potential partners, and for all people who interact with your brand in the digital world.

We will mentor your business leaders in a Mastermind Framework. Together we will craft your business purpose and your employees’ expertise into intentional actions online and with our expert guidance you will design systems that will have your business connected and effective in ways that can’t be predicted!

HOW? You ask.

You will work with our Master Mentor Jen Baptist to tailor the curriculum and program focus that work for your business goals. We will co-design the assignment and workflow that best suits your needs!

In the intake/onboarding process you will work with a dedicated mentor to design our scope of services. Your mentor will get acquainted with your needs and where you currently are. We will set a schedule for meetings and for communication. Then the mentor will design the modules, conversations, and trainings that will get you where you want to go! All materials will be downloadable to share with staff.

The scope of service options include the results in the Authority Mentorships creating effective internal communication and collaboration systems, a written plan, a private online course for employees/contractors, and MORE. Just Jenuine Creations has a substantial al a carte selection of subjects to mentor your business on.

Pricing is dependent upon a number of factors including (but not limited to): the size of your organization and the number of participants, the length of the mentorship (number of modules required), your goals, etc.


We would LOVE to mentor your business … share your email & we will schedule time to connect!