We believe that digital communities can be created intentionally and with purpose. We believe that online communities can be places that inspire you, that bring you closer in ‘real life’, that challenge your comfort zones, that appreciate your vision, that support you in achieving your greatness. We can help you to create these communities for yourself on any platform, at any time.

Are you a member of a community or organization that isn’t taking advantage of digital tools? That isn’t connected to each other online? That can’t collaborate, communicate, and create together remotely? Our Community Mentorships can empower you to create the systems that will have your community active and effective in the digital world. Connecting members to one another and to necessary services, connecting your community to other active communities, and extending your reach within your local and global community. Sound interesting?

Just Jenuine Creations will mentor you in a Mastermind Framework. Together we will hone your expertise in living intentionally online and with your mastermind group and our expert guidance you will craft systems that will have your community connected and effective in ways that can’t be predicted!

HOW? You ask.

Community Mentorships bring together leaders in existing communities, that are wanting to expand online. The group of leaders creates the community’s intention together, designs the structure/plan, to possibly include a website, branding, etc., and then a larger group of volunteers break out into teams to play together to cause it. The mentor facilitates the creation, design, and implementation.

There is a main discussion/teaching classroom and breakout groups. The mentor distributes training modules, gives assignments, keeps track of the promised results of each group, and hosts hands on work sessions in alternating weeks. Ongoingly the mentor will answer questions within the community and the participants are given training in how to work together online to mastermind solutions.

As a final product of the mentorship, there will be a training offered to the larger community powerfully outlining what was created and how to participate.


We would LOVE to mentor your community … share your email & we will schedule time to connect!